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"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."

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Meet Our Senior Pastor

Apostle Teresa A. Tate

Jeremiah 3:14 KJV

Apostle Teresa Tate (Pastor Tee), a Servant-Leader and Ordained Minister of the Gospel for over 30 years is a Community Advocate and Faith Leader, who has a “Heart” for the Local and Global Communities. Her Community Advocacy and “Passion” is fueled by a desire to see the marginalized and underserved Communities be afforded with the same/similar opportunities that in many cases, would not be available to them. As a Consummate Leader, her leadership style and life-posture reflects one who strives to continue learning, is inclusive and not exclusive when relating to others, and who seeks to create and develop greater opportunities for those she has the privilege to lead, serve, and mentor. As a Visionary, Apostle Tate’s “Gracious Manner” and “Message of Hope”, speaks volumes to those in need of direction, guidance, clear vision and purpose. She has embraced her mission to educate, train, and bring awareness to the masses, when it comes to topics related to: Economic Empowerment, Social Equality Justice and Diversity, Mental Health Wellness and Homelessness, Navigating Through Shifts & Pivots in a Crises, and the importance of discovering and identifying one’s significance, value, and purpose.

Apostle Tate’s Community Volunteerism has built relationships and partnerships within the Local City, County, and other Community Organizations, in order to assist with providing adequate “Services and Resource Support” for those in her Organization, as well as those, throughout the Southern Bay Area of Santa Clara County and Surrounding Areas.

Apostle Tate’s continual “drive and aspiration” to Serve and Lead others during one of the most difficult times in the Nation’s History – a Pandemic, has resulted in enhanced and ongoing feedings, sheltering, and on-line trainings, and special activities, while establishing and scaling to a “New Normal”.

As a Licensed and Ordained Minister, her Theological Studies in Leadership and Management, as well as her Comprehensive & Formative Education in Socio-Psychology and Business, lends her the capability to extract practical life lessons from biblical principles, which enables her to connect and share from a “relevant, relatable, and real” base-line and viewpoint with her audiences.

As a degreed Marketplace Leader and Entrepreneur with a culmination of 25+ years in High-Tech, Department of Defense, Healthcare, Social Services, and the Financial Education Investment Industry, Apostle Tate also holds a License in Real Estate.


To reach Apostle Tate, click here. Requests will be submitted to her Executive Assistant Dr. Pastor
Alisha Hill

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